Current Projects

Completed Projects

Regent Honey Eater -Turing the Tide for Threatened Species 2019-23

1st Jan 2019 - 31st Dec 2023
In collaboration with the Northern Tableland Local Land Services, Landcare will deliver awareness raising events, support group sction planning to maintain woodland bird focussed 'communities of practice' and promote management practices that improve Regent Honeyeater habitat on known and predic...
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Regional Land Partnerships Program 2018-2023 - Core Services

31st Aug 2018 - 30th Jun 2023
This project reflects a 5 year regional partnership with the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services.  We will work together to collectively be responsible for delivering projects that contribute to the outcomes of the National Landcare Program - Phase 2.  This funding enables Landcare...
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NSW Landcare & Local Land Services 2019-23 Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative

10th Jul 2019 - 30th Jun 2023
This project funds the delivery of 0.5 equivalent Full Time employment of a Local Landcare Coordinator for the Tenterfield District. The Coordinator provides support and delivers programs to build capacity and connections within local communities and to produce on-ground change. Key deliverables...
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Management of Cats Claw Creeper (Macfadyena unguis-cati) in the Drake/Rocky River Area

1st Jun 2021 - 31st Dec 2022
($150,000) This project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s investment in bushfire recovery for wildlife and their habitat.  Funding was used to carry out weed management control work and support landholders along a 6km stretch of Long Creek in the Drake/Rocky River a...
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2021 FRRR - Reconnecting Communities - A series of 13 health & wellbeing workshops

1st Apr 2021 - 30th Sep 2022
($22,727) This project will focus on members of our community learning new skills, building self-reliance and strengthening social connections in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  During the 2019/2020 bushfires the Tenterfield LGA lost 237,000 hectares, approximately 32% of its landscape.  T...
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Bush for Biodiversity - Protecting New England Biodiversity

6th Sep 2021 - 20th Sep 2022
2021-22 / Regional Project This is joint project with the Biodiversity Conservation Trust and Landcare NSW, operating across our regional Landcare networks to provide landholders and community members with information on private land conservation.  Also to explore how best we can support the m...
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Stanthorpe Eco Expo 2022

3rd Sep 2022
($2800) The Stanthorpe Eco Expo is a standalone annual field day that promotes sustainable living, the farming and gardening of organic food, creating healthy soil, supporting clean air and water, recycling, reusing and reducing waste, alternative energy and more. It highlightsthese practices throu...
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Field investigation for evaluation of habitat condition in areas impacted by bush fires in Tenterfield

5th Aug 2021 - 29th Apr 2022
($24,770) This Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery project has been supported by the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Program for Wildlife and their Habitat. This project will evaluate and report on habitat conditions in areas impacted by recent bushfires.  It will guide future Landca...
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Empowering Our Communities Projects 2019-21

1st Jan 2019 - 31st Dec 2021
We have two project totalling $70,000 to run 23 events. These project are designed to bringing socially isolated people together in safe environments to learn new skills and foster hidden talents which will build friendships and social connections through these shared experiences. The aim of thi...
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Cool Country Koala Project

1st Oct 2021 - 31st Oct 2021
EOI NOW CLOSED Granite Borders Landcare Committee and the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services are partnering together for the Cool Country Koala project and are currently seeking expressions of interest from our region. Are you interested in protecting, establishing or even re-establishing...
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Stanthorpe Eco Expo 2021

25th Sep 2021
($1,818) This project supported the costs associated with hosting this annual event at the Ananda Palli Retreat in Severnlea, QLD.  This public event supports stalls from numerous environmental organisations and offers a range of workshops, interactive demonstrations and giveaways.  Repre...
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