Indian Myna Traps

4th January 2022

Indian Mynas were introduced into Australia in the 1860's in an attempt to control insects in Melbourne market gardens.  Originally widespread in South Asia, they have now become established over most of Eastern Australia and are spreading, with recent sightings in Darwin, Perth and Adelaide.

They have become a huge problem in cities, urban, and even rural settings because they effectively adapt to a range of conditions and exploit a wide variety of food types.

Indian Mynas are displacing many native species as they aggressively compete for food and nesting sites.

  • We have traps available for purchase from our office for $25.00.

We also have available copies of an excellent 16 page booklet from the Clarence Valley Conservation in Action group, covering identification, managing an invasion, trapping and euthanasing procedures.

The following fact sheet is also available as a Free download: