Border Landcare Organic Group - Fact Sheet 3 - Plant Protection

30th November 2021

Plant protection is all about managing your whole farm in such a way that the likelihood of pest and disease occurrence is reduced.

Pest damage has impacts on yields and inputs, both time and money.  Increasing chemical resistance, rising costs, growing concerns in the market place over residues and unintended side effects (non target species) and a new awareness that chemical use needs to be reduced, are all pointing to the need for a look at a different way to protect not only our crops but also our ecosystems and to improve our bottom line.

The Biological approach to the problem of pest damage is to take a bigger look at the farm. To view the farm as a functioning ecosystem.

Put simply: Work out what nature can do for you, and help her to do it.

This is a 2 page overview of the subject produced by the Border Landcare Organic Group.

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