An Introduction to GPS Use with Neil Fordyce!

4th September 2017

Monday 4th September saw a group of approximately ten interested individuals brave the sometimes technical world of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and their uses.  Neil Fordyce, Consulting Data Analyst Geographical Information Systems, Data Compilations, Validation, Analysis & Management, kindly ran through the basics of hand held GPS use and operation, answering all questions with his usual dry humor. 

Steve Ost said, "The workshop was really interesting and helpful.  It really answered the question whether a GPS would be useful on the property or not.!"

After some theory indoors, the group eagerly handled the handheld GPS units GBLC have from loan and explored outside under Neils guidance. 

Mapping co-ordinates around the Landcare office and surrounds drew curious passer byers, who thought some looked a little lost!

At the conclusion of the day a few of the GBLC Handheld GPS units were loaned out for further experimentation and practice.