Tenterfield Naturalists

Tenterfield Naturalists Inc


  • are interested in all aspects of natural history - mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, spiders, rocks, soil, plants, fungi, lichen, weather, astronomy;
  • go on excursions to public reserves and private properties;
  • have a monthly birdwatching excursion;
  • hold monthly meetings with speakers and ‘show and tell’ of natural history items;
  • have working bees in Tenterfield Park to manage the vegetation and observe the flora and fauna.

The Tenterfield Naturalists Inc was established in 2004 to conserve an area of Reserve Crown land on the south-eastern side of town that had been neglected and become infested with woody weeds and rabbits. The restoration and rehabilitation of the 20 hectare Tenterfield Park was deemed important to enhance its values as remnant woodland featuring the New England Peppermint and the Endangered Ecological Community of Yellow Box and Blakely’s Red Gum, and to develop a wildlife corridor and habitat for native birds and animals. In addition, the group sought to address the need for public education on the park’s environmental and historic heritage values, and to provide an area for recreational and aesthetic enjoyment.


For more information contact the secretary