Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium

Stanthorpe's Rare Wildflower Consortium is a group of wildflower enthusiasts who share a common aim to idenitfy, assist in managing and ultimately preserving many of the wildflower species unique to the Granite Belt.

On the Stanthorpe Plateau, spectacular wildflowers displays emerge from among granite rocks and boulders in spring.  The Granite Belt alone has over 800 different flowering plant species, with close to 50 listed in the Nature Conservation Act as endangered, vulnerable or rare species.  Many are endemic to the area, meaning they are confined to a certain location or region and do not occur naturally anywhere else. 

The members of Stanthorpe's Rare Wildflower Consortium assist with species identification, community education and landholder management of habitats that our wildflowers exist in.  

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