Rocky River Landcare Group

Landholders in the Lower Reaches of the Rocky River with assistance from Granite Borders Landcare commenced Community Action Planning in 2016. The Group has documented the issues of concern in their area and determined community engagement activities.  A number of properties in the area have received funding in the past for projects such as off- stream watering points, erosion and cats claw creeper / Lantana control.


The Group consists of 17 individuals owning / managing 15 properties over 14,997Ha.


  • Maintain a representative group in the sub catchment area;

  • Promote the Rocky River Landcare Group to other landholders to increase this coordinated and cooperative approach to natural resource management ;

  • Granite Borders Landcare Committee to provide land managers with support, facilitate NRM improvements and actively source funds for activities.

  • Develop projects to ensure any future funding opportunities to assist landholder NRM projects are not missed;

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