Rivertree Landcare Group

Rivertree Landcare Group 

The Rivertree Landcare Group was formed in 2017 by landholders at Rivertree to work as a team in cooperation with Granite Borders Landcare, Local Land Services and the Tenterfield Shire Council for the purpose of identifying and dealing with significant land management issues in the Rivertree area.

Rivertree is located at the headwaters of the Clarence River and includes the lower parts of the Maryland River, Boonoo Boonoo River and Koreelah Creek. Razorback Creek, Tailing Yard Creek and Cullens Creek are also part of the Clarence River catchment at Rivertree.

Lantana is a major weed of concern at Rivertree, and the Rivertree Landcare Group has completed a lantana control project focussed on chemical treatment of lantana in areas that are difficult to access using machinery and high volume spraying. The project involved training and practical application at test sites using low volume, high concentration glyphosate spraying suitable for dense infestations of lantana. Chemical application methods included knapsack spraying and a trial of drone droplet application.

Lantana control is an ongoing activity and other weeds of significance in pastures are fireweed and blue heliotrope. Control methods include chemical spraying, mechanical removal, burning and pasture management. Regenerative practices and pasture improvement have been successful in reducing pasture weeds. Other invasive weeds including African lovegrass are present along roads and the group works with the Council to manage these weeds.

Feral pigs, dogs, foxes and cats are present at Rivertree, and the Group works with LLS on the control programs for these pests. Pigs are the major pest of concern as they are damaging pastures and the banks of rivers and creeks. Erosion of the watercourses is a concern for our group and control of pigs and management of riverbank grazing have commenced on some properties.

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