Koreelah Farmers Landcare

The Koreelah Farmers Landcare group formed to tackle the mounting natural resource management issues that farmers in the Koreelah district were facing. Over the last few years the group have held successful workshops across a range of issues, from controlling invasive weeds such as lantana and privet, to improving pastures and livestock health. Members of Koreelah Farmers Landcare meet regularly to socialise and work together on resolving current farming and land management issues.

The Koreelah Landcare Group has successfully completed a project to control Lantana and Privet in 2016. Through this they were able to support 12 of their landholders to undertake control of Lantana & Privet along a 5km stretch of the Oaky Creek tributary & then for 15km along the Koreelah Creek. That equates to 50ha of riparian land rehabilitated at the headwaters of the Clarence River catchment. This project built on previous works undertaken by the group over the last 8 years and ensured the long-term commitment of the community to the projects outcome.

This project, through conducting training, has increased landholder capability to manage lantana & privet to enable for the better management & protection of biodiversity values in the area.  The project has achieved catchment wide benefits that include; improved biodiversity, increased ecosystem function & protection of aquatic habitats.


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