This Landcare group was formed in 1992 and incorporates landholders in the Deepwater region, approximately 50km south  of Tenterfield NSW.

Rehabilitating the Deepwater River and its catchment, linking into the Granite Borders Landcare Strategic Plan and contributing to the goals and objectives of the North West Catchment Management Committee in their North West Regional Natural Resource and Environment Strategy.
Main activities:  Property and catchment planning; Stream bank restoration; Riparian zone fencing; Revegetation; Soil and pasture management; Holistic management; Dung beetle monitoring & release.

Deepwater Stabilisation & Restoration of Stream Bank & Other Erosion
Stream bank and other erosion contribute to reduced water quality and sedimentation downstream, as well as the loss of agriculturally productive land. Across six properties, several erosion control techniques were demonstrated whilst protecting ten sites in the Border Rivers Catchment. A range of materials including large rock and timber were utilised.  Native vegetation including grasses, shrubs and trees were established to stabilise fragile areas and to slow overland flow. Stock access was restricted to prevent damage to works.
Property Planning & Catchment Management
The Deepwater Landcare Group have acknowledged the importance and power of coordinated planning and on-ground action in achieving individual economic gain and sustainability, acceptable environmental and community outcomes.  Many of the members have undertaken workshops in property planning following the holistic management model.  Holistic management is about being profitable; achieving results you want in life as well as improving the health of the land we depend on.  It works towards financial stability, better use of rainfall, increased carrying capacity, better yields and reduced stress, to name a few benefits.

Dung Beetle Monitoring & Releases
Members of the Deepwater Landcare Group conduct regular beetle collections to map species richness and diversity as part of the Northern Tablelands Dung Beetle Express.  The unfortunately named Dung Beetle plays a critical role in whole farm management by improving soil health and pasture growth, reducing the survival of bush and buffalo fly larvae, and greatly reducing the amount of nutrients which enter our river systems.
Soils in Focus Deepwater  CAG09-00094
This project was developed to increase skills and knowledge of landholders in the Deepwater area regarding the
monitoring and management of soil health. The area has typically acid granite soils with low organic soil
carbon levels, often resulting in reduced groundcover, poor pasture growth and over grazing. These issues
also contribute to other natural resource problems such as soil erosion, poor water quality and
sedimentation of waterways. This project delivered improved skills and knowledge in the management of
these issues, which has led to the adoption of improved farming practices.
The project delivered outcomes through the combination of workshops, soil testing and field days. These events were held locally in order to attract maximum participants and the Landcare group deliberately targeted people new to the area and those not previously involved. These activities were delivered in conjunction with NSW Department of
Industry & Investment, local soil consultants "From the Soil Up" and "Red Frog Environmental Solutions"
and other expertise as required.

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