Acacia Plateau Farmers

This Group is currently INACTIVE so its members have been amalgamated into the Koorelah Landcare Group.

Formed in 1998, Acacia Plateau Farmers Landcare group incorporates landholders on Acacia Plateau, approximately 40km south east of Warwick, QLD. Over the years members have been involved in increasing the size and health of native vegetation, linking areas of remnant vegetation, controlling soil erosion, minimising sediment and nutrient runoff into Acacia Creek.

Farm Planning
An integral part of sustainable farming – property planning. Members of the Acacia Plateau Farmers Landcare Group developing individual property plans and integrating priority natural resource management issues highlighted within the Acacia Plateau Catchment Plan.
Addressing Sedimentation
Landholders and departmental technical advisors discussing erosion control methods to address the issues of sedimentation of Acacia Creek and the subsequent reduced water quality downstream in the Clarence River system.

Erosion Control Structures
Erosion control structures, such as contour banks, were developed and grassed to limit sheet and rill erosion of the valuable red basalt soils. Contour banks are built across the slope.  They are designed to be slightly higher at one end so that water flows slowly along them into a grassed waterway.

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