Soil Health to Your Wealth

4th Mar 2024

“Your soil is your greatest asset. It is the essence of your productive potential and profitability. Soil health is also key to stress-free farming”.

~ Graeme Sait, Nutri-Tech Solutions

Graeme Sait, specialist agronomist in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, plant nutrition and human health, will be presenting on soil health and food security in his much sought after course, Soil Health to Your Wealth. His workshop will cover key ideas, including: Mineral Interactions; Microbe Management; and Practical Ways to Improve Soil and Plant Health.

You won’t want to miss this talk from internationally acclaimed soil specialist, Graeme Sait. 

Location: Sunnyside Hall, Tenterfield, NSW
Times: 9:30am - 3:30pm (NSW times), Monday 4th March 2024
Registration begins at 9:00am NSW time

Please reserve your space via the Sticky Ticket link or scan the QR Code.

Please also call the office to book, if you’d prefer: (02) 6736 3500