Planning Your Farm Landscape - 4 day intensive Workshop

10th Aug - 8th Sep 2023

‘Planning Your Farm Landscape’ is a four-day intensive workshop run over 10/11th August and 7/8th of September. Granite Borders Landcare is hosting this course at Bolivia Hall with Presenter Kristy Youman form SoilLandFood.

It has been designed for Farmers who wish to explore their own property and farming enterprises in detail; to design and plan a healthy, resilient, and productive rural landscape, by improving their landscape health. This workshop is hands on, group based and combines theory with lots of practical activities.

You will learn:

  • how to "see" your landscape using landscape thinking
  • about Landscape Patches: the pieces of your farm's landscape jigsaw
  • the water and nutrient cycles in rural landscapes
  • how energy flows and biodiversity functions in rural landscapes
  • climate, landforms & soil types on your property
  • about the landscape and agricultural elements of rural planning
  • the different approaches to property planning
  • the 10 steps to effective property planning

You will also

  • use Rural Landscape Logic for effective planning
  • use maps for property planning
  • set goals for your farm’s rural landscape & enterprises
  • assess your farm’s rural landscape
  • identify & prioritise issues
  • brainstorm strategies for improvement
  • develop a Regenerative Farm Plan

This workshop has limited places available and it is expected that participants will attend all four days.  If you would like to attend bookings are essential and can be made at or calling GBLC on 02 67363500.