Mingoola Heritage Trail - Opened!

19th Sep - 31st Oct 2023

Mingoola Progress Association (MPA) hosted the launch of the Mingoola Heritage Trail on Saturday, 26th August. The event was well attended with around 200 people. This included: Tenterfield Mayor, Bronwyn Petrie; Heritage Advisor, Barbara Wray; and brochure designers and authors, Janet White and Julia Harpham. Helen Duroux offered a beautiful and inclusive welcome to country. It was a great day with many opportunities for locals, organisation and social groups to connect and share in an exciting initiative for the community. The Heritage trail is a series of natural heritage routes around Mingoola area, signposted with information on flora and fauna, landscape and geology, our community heritage (Aboriginal, pioneer and multi-cultural) and commercial heritage (agricultural and industrial).

Brochures on the Mingoola Heritage Trail can be picked up from the Granite Borders Landcare office or at Tenterfield Shire Council.