Insect ID and Integrated Pest Management

16th Feb 2024

Dr Anthony Rice ‘Ant’, Presents: Integrated Pest Management (IPM): What it is and why it is a good idea?

Location: Wallangarra School of Arts (Blue Hall)

Details: 10am - 2:30pm (NSW times), Friday 16th February

Registration begins at 9:30am NSW time

Our guest speaker, Dr Anthony Rice, will provide an information session on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This approach is based on best use of sound knowledge of both pest insect species as well as natural predators in a crop or garden system. Beginning with the background of Integrated Pest Management and the many ways that this has been interpreted and applied until the present, he will speak on why we should care about insect populations and changes to natural and productive ecosystems, in the search for positive and effective ways forward.

The workshop will also include a hands-on element of pest identification, using microscopes and hand held lenses (10x magnification). Attendees are encouraged to bring specimens or images for identification for a ‘show and tell’ session.

PLEASE NOTE - specimens MUST be frozen in a plastic bag beforehand and will be disposed of on the day.

 “Dr Anthony Rice is a remarkably well informed, passionate presenter sharing a fascinating story... of the root causes and mechanics of insect pressure and protection within diverse farming enterprises… Many believe that chemical intervention is optimising proactive pest management, but sometimes, in the bigger picture, this reactive approach is actually counterproductive. In his pragmatic presentations, you will discover new tools to work more closely with a natural system, rather than against it. Insects are an often unrecognised, hugely important component of the foodweb that sustains our world. Anthony shares invaluable information to increase the sustainability and efficiency of our food production systems”

~ Graeme Sait, CEO (Nutri-Tech Solutions).

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