*Free* Multi-Species Crops & Pastures Workshop

18th Feb 2023

As part of our Regenerative Agriculture series we present our free, 'Multi-species Crops and Pastures' workshop with Simon Mattsson.

For farmers the second, (after themselves) most important thing in their business is their land, it’s where the bulk of their capital will be tied up. With that in mind the health of their soil is paramount as this will have the greatest influence on improving productivity and resilience to extreme climactic events.

For a soil to be healthy it must have good biological function and that only comes from having enough plant diversity since plant diversity, enables biological diversity which in turn creates a healthy soil. 

Included in this event is a paddock walk with Simon post the morning session, so please ensure you are wearing suitable clothing including footwear.

This is a 'free' full-day workshop jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and we thank them for their support with this project. 

Numbers are strictly LIMITED for this event so bookings are ESSENTIAL!  To secure your spot call our office on 02 6736 3500 or use the sticky ticket link provided, to book online  https://www.stickytickets.com.au/49htr

WORKSHOP LOCATION: The event commences 9:30am at the Tenterfield Bowling Club (upstairs) 77 Molesworth Street, Tenterfield (catering supplied). Please note that the venue includes a flight of stairs, there is no lift available.  Afterwards we will join Simon for an explorative paddock walk at Sunnyside (approx 10 mins drive from Tenterfield).  

About our Speaker:

Simon Mattsson

Simon is a regenerative farming educator and consultant with Soil Land Food. He focuses on managing soil biological function to improve soil for increased productivity and better environmental outcomes, particularly by using plant diversity plants to address soil constraints.

He grew up on a family cattle station near Mt Coolan and until 2020 managed his own cane and cattle operations in Mackay. A Nuffield Scholarship in 2014 to research soil biology was a pivotal point that has given Simon the confidence to apply his practical knowledge of soil health in an agricultural setting.


  • Grazing For Profit (RCS)
  • Advanced Course in Agricultural Business Management (Royal Agricultural University UK)
  • Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture (NTS)
  • Nuffield Scholar – Soil Biology 2014