*FREE* - Reboot Your Soil 3 Day Workshop Series: 12 Nov, 3 Dec & 8 Dec

12th Nov - 8th Dec 2022

Come along and join us at Steinbrook Hall as Soil Land Food presents a 3 day boot camp - on Rebooting your Soil !!

This is a *Free* 3 day Workshop Series

If you're looking to:
• build your confidence in managing your soils
• improve soil health and fertility
• learn to make effective soil management decisions
• implement regenerative cropping or grazing

.then, this essential workshop series held over three days, will get you started!

You will learn:
• how to manage soils as a system
• how to read a soil test effectively
• how to assess soils in the field and use soil tests
• how to make effective soil health decisions


Day 1 - (Saturday, 12 November 2022)

  • A Day in the Life of the Soil
  • Fundamentals of soil function
  • Identify your soil types
    - bring along a sample of your own soil - a 20cm x 20cm x 20cm soil cube with grass/pasture/vegetation on top
  • Match your enterprise to your soil type
  • Learn to take a soil sample

Day 2 - (Saturday, 3 December 2022)

  • Use your soil test
  • Assess your soil’s health
  • Identify soil constraints
  • Set benchmarks for your soil health
  • Investigate what’s in your soil test
  • Hands-on skills-building to assess your soil health

Day 3 - (Thursday, 8 December 2022)

  • Assess overall soil fertility
  • Manage your soil fertility
  • Optimise the soil’s nutrient cycling capacity
  • Estimate the key nutrient availability
  • Learn to increase nutrient availability
  • Monitor soil fertility


To secure your spot at each workshop use the following links

Day 1 - Saturday 12 November 2022 (9:30am to 3:30pm)

Day 2 – Saturday 3 December 2022 (9:30am to 3:30pm)

Day 3 - Thursday, 8 December 2022 (9:30am to 3:30pm)



Steinbrook Hall, Billirimba Road, Steinbrook 2372

 * Catering supplied

These Regenerative Agriculture workshops have been jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

A little about Soil Land Food 's facilitator for this workshop:

Kristy Youman - Farming Systems Extension Specialist. Kristy has over 10 years of experience in the environmental science and agricultural field working in a wide variety of roles across Australia for government, non-profit and private organisations. Kristy conducts a number of the soil and grazing extension projects for Soil Land Food. She has previously worked in extension and research with a range of agencies, community groups and landholders. Prior to that she travelled and worked around Australia on pastoral properties. She runs a mixed farming property with her partner at Guyra in the New England.

  • Bachelor of Natural Resource Management (Honours) (University of New England)
  • Fertcare Accredited agronomist
  • Fertcare Level C