Fire Ant Workshop

17th May 2024

In the past six months, Granite Borders Landcare Committee have been highlighting the importance of vigilance in preventing Fire Ant spread into our region. We are working with authorities and experts in order to bring you a valuable and proactive workshop on people-led Fire Ant spread prevention.

This workshop will centre around participants developing property Codes of Practice for Fire Ant awareness, identification, contacts, transport best practice, on-farm and property biosecurity measures and so on.

We have Craig Faulkner and his hounds from ReconEco coming to do an interactive demonstration on the use of Conservation Detection Dogs in detecting Fire Ants.

We do encourage group participation, so that we can work together, so please come as you are or with a neighbour.

Until then, please take 10 minutes to go through this helpful online resource for Fire Ant Identification, Nest Identification, Warnings and Actions, put together by the National Fire Ant Eradication Program. The staff at Granite Borders Landcare Committee have completed this ourselves and we highly recommend it.