Drought Proofing and Climate Forecasting

24th Nov 2023

Proudly supported by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), and presented by the SQNNSW Innovation Hub, Granite Borders Landcare will be hosting this information packed workshop on drought and Climate Forecasting.

Friday, 24 November 2023 from (NSW time) 9:30 AM to (NSW time) 3:30 PM at Steinbrook Hall

Hear from:

Michael Scobie: Evaporation & Drought Proofing Dams

Michael Scobie has qualifications in both science and engineering with extensive experience in the areas of hydrology, water quality, and irrigation. He is a Certified Irrigation Designer and has led many irrigation and evaporation mitigation projects both nationally and internationally. He has also instrumented and operated remote monitoring trials on international projects in Asia and in the United States.

Vicki Mayne: Climate Models, Forecasting and Tools

Vicki, a dedicated 'Climate Mate' with the Northern Australia Climate Program (NACP). Vicki Mayne will delve into the intricacies of a 3-monthly weather forecast and the tools available to members of the Granite Belt Borders Landcare. This informative session will equip you with valuable insights into the seasonal conditions that lie ahead, helping you make well-informed decisions. Use this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how to plan effectively and prepare for the future.

Light refreshments and lunch will be provided

** Please note that all times are NSW Daylight Savings time