Compost Soil Conditioning Workshop

16th Mar 2024

Presenters: Ian Townsend (Owner Operator) & Monica Muurlink (Certified Soil Food Web Technician) of Limberlost Compost.

Whether in the business of growing for home, garden or agriculture, the condition of your soil can often be limiting outputs in your operation. Quality compost is well proven to be a useful soil conditioner, especially in light and sandy soils or soils that are cultivated regularly. It adds organic matter and biology to the soil and also provides nutrients. Compost is made from organic materials like grass, hay, manures, and sawdust. The correct carbon to nitrogen ratio is essential. Microbes, including bacteria and fungi then decompose the mix and turn it into the stable, humified material that makes up a good compost.

Come join us, as we hear from composting legends, Ian Townsend and Monica Muurlink, who will break down the mystery and marvels of quality compost and its many benefits.

Location: Steinbrook Hall, Billirimba Road, Tenterfield

Details: Saturday 16th March, 9:30am registration for a 10am start (NSW times)

Tickets will be available on Wednesday 31st January

 Please reserve your space via the link or scan the QR Code in the flyer