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Tenterfield Farmers and Producers Market Paused.

22nd Oct 2019

It is with great regret that the stall holders of the Tenterfield Farmer’s and Producer’s Markets are announcing the pause of the markets due to the prolonged drought conditions. On Saturday a meeting was held to discuss the effects of the drought on production systems and their abili... more details

Indian Myna Birds - A threat for biodiversity.

22nd Oct 2019

Indian Myna Birds – A threat for biodiversity   

The Indian Myna bird is a highly successful coloniser and was first introduced to Australia in 1862 to Melbourne as a means of controlling garden insect pests. Since that time the population has spread to be... more details

New Grant to host Workshops

7th Jun 2019

Granite Borders Landcare received $22,000 form phn Hunter New England and Central Coast to host 14 workshops over the next 12 months.  

... more details

Tenterfield Community Gardens Working Bees

6th Jan 2019

Sundays from 9am - 12noon Tenterfield Community Gardens will be holding working bees in the gardens behind Tenterfield TAFE in High Street, Tenterfield.

Everyone is welcome, please wear comfortable covered in shoes, sun safe clothing, sunscreen and a hat. Don't f... more details