Rivertree Landcare Group


NameDeb McMurtrie
AddressP O Box 303
Stanthorpe QLD 4380
Phone07 46861183
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The Rivertree Landcare Group were formed on 14th January 2017, out of the concern from a few locals to Rivertree about their specific environmental issues.

The Groups initial issues included, wild dogs, feral cats and lantana control.  The Group applied for their first ever Grant and were successful.  The Grant has enabled the group to hold a training day on Best Practice Methods in the contaol of Lantana, and the purchase of some chemical to help the group in Lantans control on their properties.

The Group continue to meet and have recently discussed the issues of cattle tick outbreaks in the area and Roadside weed control.  There next meeting is scheduled for September 2017.