Granite Borders Landcare have been successful in generating interest, understanding and involvement in natural resource management through the implementation of projects across the Tenterfield and Stanthorpe districts. Past projects include revegetation, pest animal management, weed management, strategic grazing, dung beetle trials, fertiliser trials, pasture management, soil health, riparian restoration, property planning as well as community education and engagement activities.

Community involvement in developing projects is fundamental to the success of GBLC and the staff and committee encourage members of the community to contact the Landcare office with suggestions for future projects.

Below is a list of current projects.

Wires Landcare Wildlife Relief & Recovery Grants Program

Quoll Headquarters has 141 ha of Conservation Area and this projects goal will be to safeguard and facilitate the recovery of native species, both fauna and flora, that was directly affected in the 2019 bush fires.
This will be achieved by conducting a weed control program focused on emergi... more details

Bushfire Recovery Small On Farm Incentives

Bushfire Recovery - Small On Farm Incentives

Granite Borders Landcare would like to announce that inconjunction with Northern Tablelands Local Land Services and the NSW Government we have an Expression of Interest open for Bushfire Recovery - Small On Farm Incentives.&nbs... more details

Regional Land Partnerships Program 2018-2023

This project is a five year partnership contract with the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services to work together to collectively be responsible for delivering projects that contribute to the outcomes of the National Landcare Program - Phase 2, Regional Land Partnerships Program. The funding ena... more details

NSW Landcare & Local Land Services 2019-23 Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative

This project funds the delivery of 0.5 Equlivant Full Time employment of a Local Landcare Coordinator for the Tenterfield District. The Coordinator provides support and delivers programs to build capacity and connections within local communities and to produce on-ground change.

... more details

Regent Honey Eater -Turing the Tide for Threatened Species 2019-23

In collaboration with the Northern Tableland Local Land Services, Landcare will deliver awareness raising events, support group sction planning to maintain woodland bird focussed 'communities of practice' and promote management practices that improve Regent Honeyeater habitat on known and predict... more details

Empowering Our Communities Projects 2019-21

We have two project totalling $70,000 to run 23 events. These project are designed to bringing socially isolated people together in safe environments to learn new skills and foster hidden talents which will build friendships and social connections through these shared experiences. The aim of this... more details