Landcare Groups

Landcare groups form to work together on a wide range of natural resource management issues and projects relevant to their local areas or region. In addition they can access professional support and advice, and develop government-funded projects. 


Acacia Plateau Farmers

THIS GROUP IS CURRENTLY INACTIVE. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT GRANITE BORDERS LANDCARE COMMITTEE INC Formed in 1998, Acacia Plateau Farmers Landcare group incorporates landholders on Acacia Plateau, approximately 40km south east of Warwick, QLD.&nb... more details


This Landcare group was formed in 1992 and incorporates landholders in the Deepwater region, approximately 50km south  of Tenterfield NSW. Rehabilitating the Deepwater River and its catchment, linking into the Granite Borders Landcare Strategic Plan and contributing to the goals and objectives of the North West Catchment Management Committee in their North West Regional Natural Res... more details

Granite Belt Wildlife carers Inc.

At last, a wildlife caring organisation right here in the heart of Stanthorpe!  Here you can find out all about what we do, where we go, what animals we care for,  how we can help you become a carer and most of all how we can help find out more information  and appreciate the range of native animals that are unique to the Australian way of life. &n... more details

Koreelah Farmers Landcare

The Koreelah Farmers Landcare group formed to tackle the mounting natural resource management issues that farmers in the Koreelah district were facing. Over the last few years the group have held successful workshops across a range of issues, from controlling invasive weeds such as lantana and privet, to improving pastures and livestock health. Members of Koreelah Farmers Landcare meet regularl... more details

Liston Farmers & Feral Animal Control Group

The Liston Farmers & Feral Animal control Group are currently going through a period of inactivity. The Group however, still participates in the annual 1080 Wild Dog Baiting Program, initiated by the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services.... more details

Mingoola Farmers Landcare

Mingoola Farmers Landcare are engaged in activities including property planning, streambank erosion control, native legume research, weed management, feral animal control and cropping and pasture improvement. ... more details

Rivertree Landcare Group

The Rivertree Landcare Group were formed on 14th January 2017, out of the concern from a few locals to Rivertree about their specific environmental issues. The Groups initial issues included, wild dogs, feral cats and lantana control.  The Group applied for their first ever Grant and were successful.  The Grant has enabled the group to hold a training day on Best Practice Meth... more details

Rocky River Landcare Group

Landholders in the Lower Reaches of the Rocky River with assistance from Granite Borders Landcare commenced Community Action Planning in 2016. The Group has documented the issues of concern in their area and determined community engagement activities.  A number of properties in the area have received funding in the past for projects such as off- stream watering points, erosion and cats cla... more details

Scrub Road Landcare Group

Scrub Road Landcare Group is a group of landholders in the Tenterfield Creek Scrub Road catchment area who with assistance from Granite Borders Landcare, commenced Community Action Planning in 2015. The Group has documented the issues of concern in their area, determined community engagement activities and have developed appropriate projects with funding assistance through Northern Ta... more details

Stanthorpe Field Naturalists

The club conducts a regular program of monthly outings from February to November. The outings visit natural areas on the Southern Downs and northern New South Wales such as national parks and state forests as well as areas of private land. Several weekend campouts are also conducted during the year, often to more distant places of interest. The club also has been conducting a monthly program of... more details

Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium

Stanthorpe's Rare Wildflower Consortium is a group of wildflower enthusiasts who share a common aim to idenitfy, assist in managing and ultimately preserving many of the wildflower species unique to the Granite Belt. On the Stanthorpe Plateau, spectacular wildflowers displays emerge from among granite rocks and boulders in spring.  The Granite Belt alone has over 800 different... more details

Sunnyside Seniors

The Sunnyside Seniors primary concern is their Biodiversity Site within the Sunnyside Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR). Since receiving funding through the Federal Government's Biodiversity Fund the group have sought to regenerate this degraded site. This has involved fencing the site, controlling invasive species such as African lovegrass and planting out a diverse mix of endemic plants. A ... more details

Tenterfield Common Trust

The Tenterfield Common Trust have been an established group for many years, and in recent times have become involved with Landcare in order to gain assistance with Grant funding Applications to improve the Commons area. In 2015 the Group were successful in gaining funding from The Department of Education and Communities to replace the existing old yards on the Common. In recent ... more details

Tenterfield Community Gardens

Tenterfield Community Gardens is a community-based project that brings people together to share their knowledge of food production in the home garden. Volunteers meet every Sunday to produce fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables to share with the community. The group continues to improve the site and are always looking for new members to join in. Working bees are a social affair, and we always fi... more details

Tenterfield Landcare

Tenterfield Landcare is one of the oldest Landcare groups in the district. Over the years they have been involved in numerous projects, including weed management, livestock health, pest control, pasture trials, strategic grazing and property management. Tenterfield Landcare is always looking for new members and projects ideas so contact Rod Dowe for further information.... more details

Tenterfield Naturalists

The Tenterfield Naturalists group was established in 2004 primarily to conserve an area of Reserve Crown land on the south-eastern side of town that had been neglected in recent years and become infested with woody weeds and rabbits. The restoration and rehabilitation of the 20 hectare Tenterfield Park was deemed important to enhance its values as remnant woodland featuring the N... more details

Vinegar Hill Landcare Group

The Vinegar Hill Landcare Group with assistance from Granite Borders Landcare commenced Community Action Planning at the end of 2016. As a result a Handbook has been produced that documents issues of concern in their area, community engagement activities of interest and contact details. The purpose of this is to track issues and activities with a review process to be undertaken yearly to u... more details